Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I know there are lots of people out there trying to find answers to "How do I repair my stroke?". Or "How do I help someone to repair their stroke?".

The internet contains endless hours of reading on this very subject.  If you're still searching it must be that you haven't found what you're looking for.

You've gone to the doctor and only manage to get so far, same thing with a therapist. You could be spending a lot of money in these pursuits but you haven't got back all you lost. Maybe you should read what a stroke survivor has to say. A stroke survivor who lost so much they were deemed unable to recover but did anyway.

I was paralyzed down the left side of my body. Couldn't talk and I didn't know the difference between an A and a B so I couldn't read. I recognized my wife and kids but didn't know their names. Many connection in my brain were short circuited so some things just didn't make sense.

I invented therapies to add to what the therapists were teaching me. It became my breakthrough. The more I gained the harder I worked.

For those still searching for their personal breakthrough I suggest reading my book which so many people told me I should write.

Here is proof of what I invented which I write about in my book "I had a Stroke, didn't like it so I got rid of it".

I'm a member of  a Toastmaster club and this is my 9th club speech.

Jims speech

I hope you find this speech inspirational and it sets you on a path to recovery.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday!
As a person who've had a stroke and currently has stage 3 Colon Cancer celebrating another birthday,it's a big deal.
Thanks for all my kids and friends for the Birthday wishes.
My sister is giving me a dinner tonight and I'm going to treat myself to a lottery ticket and some fast food for lunch. It's a great day to be able to do these things.
I woke up with a smile on my face, did you?
My only advice to people today is to smile and appreciate this opportunity to make a difference in your life.
Today is a difference maker so make it a good one!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Where's Your Angel?

The latest in the Walking With Angels series is called, Where's your Angel?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Faith on a Wing and a Prayer

Hot off the pressed, well hot off my laptop is a new chapter in the Walking With Angels series. Having a little faith is what we all need but how? The answer is in the chapter.

Just click on todays title and you'll be wisked to the answers.

Isn't the internet wonderful! Enjoy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Angels still with Me

This is part two of the series "Walking with Angels". It's called "Angels are still with Me". All you have to do in click on the title and the link will take you there. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Walking with Angels

I wrote my book "I had a stroke" because everyone told me I should write a book about my experience. So I did!

I posted it on line right here a few years back. People kept showing up to read the latest chapter. Great comments kept coming back.

So here I am again with a new subject but this time it's on my website

The first chapter is called "Walking with Angels".

I hope you read it and comment on it. I could alway use the input!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I met a woman once, she was on a mountain top and I on the one next to it.

We called back and forth to one another.

She said, “Hello.”

I said, “Hello,” back.

I called out, “How are you?” and she replied, “I want off this mountain.”

I called back, “Are you hungry?”

She called back, “Yes but I need off this mountain.”

I replied, “First eat to build your strength and then you'll be off this mountain.”

She replied, “I have nothing to eat.”

I replied, “Consume the mountain and you will be off it.”

She thought for a moment, how can I eat an entire mountain?

Well her mountain was built of her life and each step built it. The more she climbed, the higher it got. The height to which it had risen was dizzying.

I called out, “The mountain is the food you have stored to sustain the rest of your life.”

She called back, “But this is not the life I have asked for.”

I called back. ”But this is the life you have cultivated. It is a fruit at your feet, consume it and you will be sustained.”

She accepted it as her meal. The taste was not to her liking but she ate of it never the less.

Each experience filled her.

She consumed it all and filled with it, she saw she was not on a mountain at all just on a journey, one to which she could decide the direction.

The map she follows was hers in the end.

Many mountains and many valleys, as many as she chooses.

She was not lost at all, high on a mountain top with no hope of rescue but on a trip one she could control.

So her map was not a barrier but a series of choices. Each mountain would sustain her, each valley would comfort her.

It was not someone else' map but her own to step where she liked and to travel where she wished.

The difference now was she was consuming her life, not turning away from it, like a dish she didn't want to eat.

Fear not the geography of your life.

It is a world of your needs.

The landscape of your needs.

In the end the picture will reveal itself!

Thriving Survivor